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Staggerred Numbering System

Dr. Yoshio Nakatani’s original Ryodoraku system & staggered numbering for graphing
The difference in Dr. Nakatani’s original Ryodoraku system is the way the average is calculated based upon a physical chart of numbers. Each column of numbers (measurement sites) were based on his research and placed on the chart in accordance to his specific research and exam readings. These numbers are not in a standard graduation starting from 5 and going to the maximum, but are in direct correlation with an average that is uniform and linear from bottom to top. In order to reflect Dr. Nakatani's graph in the EMI software, the Primary Ryodoraku (Nakatani) exam columns are linear so that computations could then be easily done and still reflect what his basic analysis of the readings and expected averages would be. If you input the same readings into the Primary EMI (Amaro) exam and then into the Primary Ryodoraku exam and compare the two, the results will be slightly different.

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